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Track and manage routine maintenance for your assets. Customizable routines allow you to do things like set different frequencies, add gauges for metric tracking, and create as many custom tasks as necessary. Log running hours for components, as well as create and manage part requests, work requests, and deficiencies.

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Stay on top of asset certifications, personnel documents, training, and more by setting up reminders in MobileOps. Nonconformities and Corrective Actions can also be tracked and managed with MobileOps making audits a breeze.

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Track the inventory of items in your company across different locations. Quantities can be set-up with minimum thresholds so employees know when to order something or transfer an item from a different location. Users can set-up checklists for critical items by using routine templates. These checklists can seamlessly update inventory quantities when submitted by users, all of which can be tracked by an inventory log.

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Scheduling in MobileOps includes Jobs & Dispatch, Crewing and Work/Rest tracking. The Jobs & Dispatch feature allows you to create and schedule jobs in MobileOps, as well as submit dispatch reports when the job is completed. Crew can be notified when they are scheduled for a job and if a job is modified. The Crewing feature allows you to crew-up and manage your assets with customized crew schedules and requirements. MobileOps will send notifications to crew members when they are scheduled as well as if anything changes for their shift.

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Safety & training

Safety & training can be tracked and managed using features like Safety Drill Forms, Incident Forms, JSA’s and more. Routines can be set-up to track when safety inspections and drills need to be conducted. Understand how employees are doing on a personal level with their training topics and how the entire company is doing as a whole.

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Custom form builder

Digitize all your existing excel or PDF forms with the Custom Form Builder. With an intuitive drag-n-drop interface, management can add many fields to their forms, such as dates, check boxes, picker boxes, digital signatures and more.

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Work Rest

Log work and rest for multiple crew members or crew groups for arbitrary ranges of time, create and review rule violations, and apply STCW rules in just one click! You can even configure shift types and apply them to select dates or time frames.

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Crew can log their working hours as well as submit Time Off Requests using the Timecards feature. Timecards can be utilized on an individual level and timesheets can be utilized by a captain or manager that wants to log multiple crew shifts at once. Various pay rates, positions, and work types can all be tracked with the Timecards feature. Users can submit Time Off requests that management can approve or deny, as well as find alternate employees if needed.

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Work offline

Voyager App

Voyager is a companion application for the MobileOps Platform that's designed to operate out of cellular data range. It's available for tablets or computers running Windows.
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Crew response to the new program has been overwhelmingly positive. The intuitive nature of the program is easy for our employees to use and has created collaborative management-crew dynamics.
Steve Morita Vice President
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The outstanding support we receive from the MobileOps team will help to give us the ability to customize the program to meet the maritime industry’s regulatory requirements.
Dave Morrow Vice President
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MobileOps is the new standard in marine ops software.