MobileOps — Operations Software Platform

A one-stop-shop for all things safety-related across your operation. A safety management system designed to protect your people.

Easily track incidents, corrective actions, safety drills, and more. Create a proactive safety culture by ensuring safety and training compliance at all levels of your company. Configure customizable safety forms, review safety and training data in advanced safety reports, as well as set-up routines to track when safety inspections and drills need to be conducted.
Customizable Forms

Safety & training can be tracked and managed using features like Safety Drill Forms, Safety Meeting/Training Forms, JSA’s, and Near Miss/Hazard Observation Forms. Use the existing standard MobileOps forms or redirect form links to a custom form or external URL.

Incident Tracking

Capture incidents and manage the entire process flow directly from the MobileOps app! Incidents can be logged, reviewed by management, and linked to corrective actions in just a few clicks.

Leading Indicators

Identify trends on leading indicators for safety action items. Configure custom safety indicator categories and track all related occurrences.

Topics Report

The Topics Report allows users to get an overview of how they are doing on a personal level with their training topics and allows managers to get an overview of how their company is doing as a whole with training topics.

JSA Reporting

Retrieves submission data for JSA’s for both an arbitrary range of time as well as the recent 12 months.

Safety Announcements & Notifications

Pin safety-related announcements for quick employee access. Users can filter by category and submit their acknowledgement if required. Enable notifications with the click of a button to stay in the loop regarding important safety events!

It's smooth sailing from here with MobileOps.


One size does not fit all, which is why MobileOps is designed with flexibility in mind.

Advanced Reporting

Dive deeper into safety metrics and track training compliance all in one place! Our real-time reports make audits a breeze for your captains and crew members.

Streamlined Workflows

Our standard workflows are designed to keep it simple at any level of your organization. Our team of industry experts strives to capture core business processes through an easy-to-use interface in order to maximize efficiency, boost employee engagement, and reduce risk.

Crew response to the new program has been overwhelmingly positive. The intuitive nature of the program is easy for our employees to use and has created collaborative management-crew dynamics.
Steve Morita Vice President
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The outstanding support we receive from the MobileOps team will help to give us the ability to customize the program to meet the maritime industry’s regulatory requirements.
Dave Morrow Vice President
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MobileOps is the new standard in marine ops software.