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Use MobileOps to help you prepare for Subchapter M regulatory requirements

Michael Armfield

MarineLink recently published an article on Subchapter M Survey Reports and how they can help towboat companies prepare for Subchapter M regulatory requirements. Whether a company chooses to utilize Subchapter M 46 CFR 137.220 or a custom survey tool, MobileOps is a proactive solution when it comes to implementing, tracking, and maintaining compliance.

For example, a company could setup a recurring routine to check the condition of Emergency Lighting for each vessel, each month. A crew member, while performing the routine aboard a particular vessel, has the option to note any Deficiencies within the routine itself. After submitting the routine, management is notified about the Deficiencies and corrective actions can be taken immediately. MobileOps comes with a robust, yet easy to use Deficiency process that ensures the loop is closed.

Emergency Lights Routine

Below is a flow chart of how the MobileOps Deficiency process works:

Deficiency Flow

MobileOps helps you stay on top of compliance through automation, ease of use, and powerful recording keeping abilities. With MobileOps, you’ll be ready for Subchapter M compliance.

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