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Subchapter M: MobileOps provides easy access to critical information

Searching in MobileOps

With Subchapter M looming on the horizon it’s more important than ever for towboat operators to have quick and easy access to critical information. Critical information includes Deficiencies, Nonconformities, Work Requests, employee training records, and much more. When performing a survey or conducting an audit, it’s vital to be able to find relevant information quickly and effectively as the consequences of not having the information will be much more severe under Subchapter M.

The major downside of a conventional paper based approach is that information can be lost or accidentally destroyed. It’s also much more time consuming—costing towboat companies valuable employee time—and much more difficult to locate documents in folders that span back many years (not to mention each employee has different penmanship skills which can cause troubling situations all on their own).

A major value proposition of the MobileOps Platform is that it provides towboat companies a means to easily create and modify resources and several methods to effortlessly retrieve and analyze the resources at a later date. A lot of software out there suffers from the black hole problem—meaning that information inputted into the system is difficult to retrieve—it essentially falls into a metaphorical black hole never to be seen again.

MobileOps was designed from the ground up to liberate data and make it easily accessible. On our end, we securely backup our client’s data daily for extra redundancy. With several ways to search and compile reports, MobileOps provides towboat companies with the insurance that they’ll never be missing a document and won’t find themselves on the wrong side of a Subchapter M audit.