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Speed up your audits with MobileOps

The benefits of video tutorials

Many of our customers have told us that MobileOps simplifies and shortens the average time of their surveys and audits. The primary reason is that crew members are able to use MobileOps to prove compliance with objective evidence and provide auditors with reports and data quickly and efficiently.

Routine Report

The Routine Report in MobileOps provides a list of all routines that have been created for a vessel, as well comprehensive data for each routine. The Routine Report is great for questions like, “Can you show me the last time a general alarm test was done on the Washington (vessel)?” Crews can easily pull up the Routine Report and scope to the general alarms test and see the last time it was done, who it was done by and pull up a history of every time it has been performed.

Topics Report

Similar to the Routine Report, the Topics Report in MobileOps provides a list of all training topics and shows a history of when a training topic was last reviewed by crew members or vessels during a drill or meeting. The Topics Report works great when responding to directives like, “show me the last time a fire drill was performed on the Washington (vessel)” or, “show me the last time John Doe performed a fire drill.” Crew members are able to pull up the vessel Topics Report or their personal Topics Report to answer these directives.

Mechanic Report

With certain regulations it is beneficial to demonstrate that many events, such as deficiencies and nonconformities, are tracked from start to finish. With the Mechanic Report, crew members can pull up a list of all Deficiencies, Work Requests, Nonconformities, and more. Each one of these resources shows its current status (new, in progress, etc.), the date it was created and assigned resolvers. By pulling up this report, crew members can show auditors the status of any resource and everything that happened to it before being closed out or resolved—proving that such events are being logged and managed properly.