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Software, business processes, and reflection

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Nearly all companies are turning to software to manage and improve their business processes. Improvement usually relates to making business processes more efficient while maintaining the desired outcome or value. However, in order to gain value from utilizing software, it is important that companies reflect on and potentially modify their current processes so that they work in harmony with software, rather than against it.

A Opportunity to Reflect

When companies choose software to improve their processes they usually assess how the software will align with their current processes (how things are currently done). Most of the time, ‘how’ the software functions does not entirely align with a company’s current processes. Which in turn, leads to the idea that the software must change or adapt. But this is a perfect time for companies to pause and reflect.

Instead of settling on the idea that software will need to change in order to align with current processes, companies should consider the benefits of modifying their current processes in order to align with the software’s power. This can be challenging in the short term because it tends to be a cultural change within a company. If a business process has been done the same way for a decade, leadership must provide the necessary momentum to break through any inertia and effectively communicate the long term value that will be realized with any changes.

This is in no way discounting legitimate software feature requests. Some of MobileOps’ best features have come from customer requests—but only after having determined that any workarounds would lead to a loss in productivity or value. We know that all companies have different processes, but at the end of the day most of these processes are cut from the same cloth and in the end, exist to achieve a similar end result.

MobileOps has become an accumulation of best-practices over time and, while we’re always eager to build new features, we’re also happy to help prospective customers evaluate (and possibly change) their current processes so that they can achieve their goals and maximize the value they get out of MobileOps.