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Simplify the Tracking and Management of Personnel Documents

Michael Armfield

Do you find yourself having trouble keeping track of hundreds or thousands of employee personnel documents? Maybe you have a master list in Excel for credentials like TWIC, Merchant Mariner Credential, Passports, etc., yet have to keep photocopies or soft copies of documents in another file location? And, where do you track and retain training documentation? Same scenario of multiple decentralized files? If you have 100 employees and each employee has on average 10 personnel documents, that’s 1000 documents to track and manage!

It can be a enormous burden for a company’s operations, safety, training, and/or human resources department to manage and keep track of all these documents, and that’s why we’re excited to offer MobileOps Personnel Documents—a new feature that makes managing personnel documents simple, straightforward, and easy.

Let’s dive in. In MobileOps, it starts with Personnel Document Templates: These are the types of personnel documents you want to track in your company. For instance, templates could be TWIC, Passports, Merchant Mariner Credential, etc. You can also group Personnel Document Templates for different type of employees or employee groups (i.e. - marine vs. shoreside). Captains will usually have many more certifications and licenses than a typical shoreside employee—so you could create two Groups: Captains and Shoreside. In addition, when you create an individual template, you can also set up a reminder interval. This is a specified period of time before a document expires in which an employee will receive an email or text message notification indicating the impending expiration.

Personnel Document Templates

Once templates are set up to company specifications, it’s a simple task for an employee (or manager) to add personnel documents you define via the templates. In an employee’s profile, there’s a section for their Personnel Documents with clear color indicators for what personnel document is expired, near expiration, or good to go. (It’s optional to have an expiration date—some personnel documents might never expire.)

Employees can add documents one at a time, or they can use the batch-add feature. Adding a document can be as simple as adding a photo taken with their phone or uploading a JPEG or PDF of the credential. The batch-add feature allows them to quickly setup a list of personnel documents. If you create Personnel Document Template Groups, all an employee has to do is select the appropriate group and they’re all automatically added to their profile. Afterward, they can visit each Personnel Document at their convenience to fill in the issue date, expiration date, whether they’d like an expiration reminder, and optionally upload a copy of the document

Personnel Document Templates List

Based on the reminder interval you set up in a Personnel Document Template, an employee will get a friendly text message and email reminding them of the upcoming expiration. Below is an example of a text message sent to an employee indicating that a TWIC card is expiring soon. To access and view, simply click on the link and enter your password and you are in the system viewing the document posted.

Personnel Document Templates Notication

MobileOps Personnel Documents helps you simplify the daunting task of managing hundreds or thousands of personnel documents, keeps your employees up to date on required certifications or licenses, and most of all: helps you stay safe and secure while performing work for your customers—with full confidence that your employees are up to date and ready to go.

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