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The Power of Form Builder II

The benefits of video tutorials

About a year and a half ago, MobileOps announced its latest feature: Form Builder.

Form Builder was designed so our customers could digitize company forms and processes, which also provides the ability to digitize data. When Form Builder was released and put into our customers hands it took off. Form Builder has been one of the powerful additions to the MobileOps platform and has provided much efficiency to customer processes.

In the past couple of months we have implemented and digitized a number of forms for customers with Form Builder. One of the coolest things we have been able to do is create one digitized form in MobileOps that captures multiple forms. A lot of our customers are required to fill out multiple forms to fulfill requirements or when they check a certain box they are required to fill out another form. However, we make it so they only have to fill out one form to fulfill their requirements.

Creating one form that captures many forms sounds like it could become monstrous, huh? Well thanks to “rules” that exist in Form Builder settings we can show and hide fields if they are applicable or not. In MobileOps, we have created a digitized form for one of our customers that captures two of their company forms, which includes 558 data entry fields! However, thanks to the 136 rules set-up for this form when a user fills out this form they start with only 2 data entry fields. The other data entry fields won’t apply until they trigger the rules that enable them.

Because of the flexibility that Form Builder provides our customers have been able to reduce the number of processes that are required throughout one process. This not only provides simplicity, but enhances efficiency and productivity!