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Examples of maximizing efficiency

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Following-up with my last blog post, Software, business processes, and reflection, I thought it would be beneficial to give customer examples of efficiencies that have stemmed from using MobileOps. These examples include customers who have reflected and assessed their current processes and improved them through utilization of MobileOps.

Current processes capture insignificant information

A MobileOps implementation involves the creation of digital forms and routines based on what a customer already has or is doing. When it comes to creating digital forms in MobileOps, customers often realize that they don’t need to capture as much field data simply because the data is not utilized in any meaningful way. The process of re-creating resources in MobileOps gives these customers the opportunity to question the purpose of the types of data being collected. These customers realize that they can simplify processes by eliminating things that aren’t relevant or necessary.

Customer Example:

An Engine Room Log is used to record metric data for components on a vessel. Oftentimes, Engine Room Logs consist of a substantial amount of data collection. After setting-up an Engine Room Log for a customer in MobileOps, the routine consisted of 76 tasks that each included a gauge to record measurements. After some utilization of the built out Engine Room Log, the customer came to the conclusion that some tasks could be eliminated as the data stemming from those tasks would never be utilized. After such assessment, we were able to update the Engine Room Log and now it only consists of 55 tasks!

Too many pieces to one puzzle

Before a customer starts using MobileOps, it is very common that their data-driven business processes include many spreadsheets that fit together like a complicated puzzle. It is understandable that there might be resistance to change when a lot of hard work and time has gone into creating the spreadsheets that power business processes. However, after utilization and assessment of MobileOps, customers realize they might not have to have multiple pieces to their processes because MobileOps has been built to consolidate processes and gather data in a simple, intuitive way. Processes in MobileOps may feel like a big change, but MobileOps is a very helpful tool that can deliver data fast and with fewer steps.

Customer Example:

Jobs & Dispatch is often one of the processes that has many pieces to it. A customer of ours had a process that included several spreadsheets that had to be transferred over to other spreadsheets for proper data collection. After understanding the customers' process the MobileOps Team worked with the customer so that they could utilize the MobileOps Jobs & Dispatch feature and still be able to achieve their data needs. The final outcome of this change in process has eliminated the several spreadsheets the customer utilized, as well as the transferring of those spreadsheets over to other spreadsheets.


Accountability is a big part of processes running smoothly and therefore being effective. There are many ways MobileOps helps with accountability. A couple examples include acknowledgments on announcements, personnel document expiration dates, due dates of routines, revision histories, and more. Before software, it might have been troublesome to hold employees accountable for certain things, such as the renewal of their personnel documents. Accountability might not have been achieved to its fullest with a spreadsheet or paper process, but MobileOps has been able to assist our current customers with accountability and keep their operations safe and efficient.

Customer Example:

For “Accountability,” I will not use specific scenarios, but I will provide you with what the MobileOps Team hears a lot of the time, which is that before utilization of MobileOps management was not able to track and manage things as easily as they can with MobileOps. Just the other day a customer commented that it is so helpful that they no longer have to use a spreadsheet to track personnel documents. They can now use MobileOps to track and manage personnel docs with the added benefit of expiration date reminders for not only themselves, but also the crew! Shoreside loves the visibility MobileOps provides, as it results in accountability.