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Check in capability for Jobs and verifying crew member documentation

Check in for Job

New MobileOps feature — Dispatchers using MobileOps can now send out email and text message notifications to the crew members that contain the details about the Job. The crew members can easily check in by viewing a secure link provided in the notification (see picture above).

On the Job form in MobileOps, the dispatcher can see a timestamp of when the crew member acknowledged and checked in for the Job. What if the Job details change? It’s possible for the dispatcher to send out additional notifications after changing the details so the crew is never out of the loop.

This feature saves hours upon hours of personnel time by eliminating the tedious work of calling, texting, or emailing crew members.

Lastly, when a dispatcher selects crew members for a Job, each crew member’s personnel documents will be checked for expiration. This provides extra insurance that all of the crew members are up to date with their certifications, credentials, and other documents that expire on regular intervals.