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We’ve traditionally held off on building an invoice feature because many of our customers have existing accounting systems that facilitate the invoicing process. However, we’ve discovered that such processes often involve copying and pasting billing data from a system like MobileOps into separate accounting software. In addition, it’s difficult to contextualize all the facets of a job when creating an invoice in an external accounting system. Therefore, we set out to build an invoice feature that accomplishes two main goals:

Offer complete context on one interface: The actual job order, the captain’s dispatch report logs, and the relevant invoice(s). This interface allows our customers to easily process contextual information and catch any supplemental billing events (late fees, fuel surcharges) and minimize missed revenue opportunities.

Support integration with accounting software and/or the ability to easily import data into accounting software. We’re starting off with the popular accounting software package, Quickbooks. MobileOps does a lot of things, but it’s operations software at heart, so we’re happy to work with other software systems in different domains.

In addition, MobileOps Invoices support approvals so they cannot be emailed to customers until an appropriate individual marks the invoice as approved. This eliminates mistakes and confusion. If you’re interested in seeing how our Jobs & Dispatch and Invoicing modules can help you, feel free to reach out for a demo.