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MobileOps is Integration Friendly

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In a world where data plays a huge role in operational efficiencies, technology and software continue to expand within companies. It is not uncommon for companies to utilize a number of technology tools and software programs to aid in such efficiencies. Because companies rely on a number of tools for efficiency, system integration becomes key in achieving that efficiency. Not only should companies seek tools that are really handy, but they should seek tools that are able to integrate with others. Below are just a couple cool ways in which MobileOps can integrate with other systems.

Learning Management Systems

Tracking safety and compliance is a big part of the MobileOps platform. When personnel participate in events in MobileOps such as drills, management can track their participation in the system using reports like our Topics Report. However, with MobileOps’ ability to integrate with learning management systems, management can also view all employee training data (across a number of systems) seamlessly in MobileOps. Having the ability to login to one single platform and see safety related data from a multitude of systems is beneficial and results in higher efficiency and productivity.

Weather Systems

Staying up to date with weather forecasts is something that is crucial for MobileOps customers. With MobileOps’ ability to integrate with weather tracking systems our customers could see forecasted weather for upcoming voyages, as well as get alerts for possible inclement weather forecasts for planned or current voyages. For example, when a customer creates a job and puts in date/time details, as well as origin and destination locations that information can integrate with weather tools our customers utilize. The weather forecast can show for the duration of that trip and if the weather changes anytime before or during that job, MobileOps can trigger a notification to be sent alerting management of those weather changes. Integrations like this can aid in better planning, as well as keep our customers safe.

Location/GPS Systems

There are a number of ways in which systems that track location can integrate with MobileOps. One big way is simply by auto filling in locations in resources that require location data. For instance, when filling out a dispatch report that might require location data. When a Captain goes to fill out his dispatch report in MobileOps the location fields can auto generate where he is or was at that time. Location data can also be useful when it comes to planning things like jobs and maintenance. When assigning a vessel(s) to a job you could weed out which vessels are not close to where that job is taking place and plan more efficiently. You could also plan certain maintenance to take place on a vessel when it is at a certain location. When that vessel enters that location it can trigger an alert for maintenance items that could be completed.

Integrations with LMS, weather and location systems are only a few examples of system integrations. We know that our customers utilize a number of tools to meet their needs and we want to maximize their efficiencies by providing them with the ability to integrate as many systems as possible. The MobileOps Team is always open to discuss and listen to our customers when it comes to integration ideas. If you have any ideas please let us know!