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The Importance of Exploring the Marketplace

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Making decisions is something we face every single day of our lives. Business decisions in particular are those of which come up most often and can be the most difficult to make. In some cases we have experience within the area for which we are making a decision for. However, often times we have no clue what a decision might lead to. In regards to finding a software solution and making a decision on what fits best for your business the MobileOps team has a few tips we have deemed the most useful.

Research, Research, Research

The first step that should be taken in finding a software solution is to research what is out there. It should be of importance to not settle on one solution just because it is the most familiar. It may be overwhelming to look beyond one particular solution, but with some quick research it is possible that you will come across other solutions that follow more along the lines of what you are looking for. A common frustration that can be heard quite a lot with software is that it isn’t easy to use or that it doesn’t solve the problem that was being seeked to solve. Issues like these can be avoided by doing proper research and really taking the time to narrow down to those solutions that seem most viable.

Lean on Current Users

After the scope of prospects has been narrowed down leaning on references that have experience with the software(s) you are considering can provide a lot of insight.

Although every operation can be much different it is valuable to hear others experience with their decision making process, why they chose the solution they did and the outcome of it. At MobileOps we strongly encourage prospects to chat with current customers of ours that too have similar operations and goals they wanted to achieve with an operations solution like MobileOps. We want to give our prospects the opportunity to not only hear from us that we know our product will be successful, but to also hear from users that it is valuable to their operations. It is always very beneficial to learn about another’s full circle experience with a solution.

Try Before You Buy

Offering potential customers the ability to trial a software solution before buying is something every software supplier should offer. If you have the chance to take advantage of a trial period with the solution(s) you are considering — do it. Trial periods can provide so much insight and value to an operation before settling on a product. A common concern operations have about utilizing software is the logistical challenges — user-friendliness and proper data collection for example — their company may face. With a trial period companies have the opportunity to get their hands on a product and weed out any potential logistical challenges. By trialing a product before you buy it you will achieve a better sense of the success that product will bring to your company.