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Helping our customers stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic

MobileOps announcement feature

Due to COVID-19 we have had to adjust our everyday lives and make some changes in order to stay safe and healthy. Essential maritime companies that continue to operate during these trying times have a large responsibility to also keep their employees safe and healthy as well. To achieve this, companies have had to implement changes and come up with new strategies—like social distancing—in just a few weeks. MobileOps has helped our current customers implement these new strategies and we’ve shared some of the primary use cases below.


Our customers have heavily utilized the Announcements feature in MobileOps in order to send email and text message notifications to their employees. It is crucial to be able to effectively communicate important information and updates regarding COVID-19 to employees during a time of limited contact. By using the Announcements feature MobileOps customers have been able to do just that and employees remain up-to-date and safe.


Protective equipment that keeps assets clean and crew members safe and healthy is essential right now. Equipment such as gloves, face masks, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes are now critical parts of company inventory. MobileOps customers are able to utilize a number of MobileOps features to track and maintain their critical inventory to make sure everyone stays protected. Features such as inventory, routines, and digital forms can all contribute to staying on top of such critical inventories.


In order to maintain cleanliness and safety companies have had to implement a number of new procedures. Such procedures include wiping down and cleaning assets a number of times a day. Routines can be created for employees so they will be reminded of the task as well as what items for the task need to be completed. Shoreside can stay in tune with any routines that are being missed by simply logging in and checking.

Training on MobileOps

Due to bans on groups of more than several people, in-person training and meetings are at a stand still right now. However, MobileOps customers can utilize a number of features to accomplish such events. MobileOps Meeting/Training Form, training videos, documents, topics, etc. can all be added to MobileOps and employees can participate from their devices. Companies can even utilize the Form Builder to quiz employees on their understanding of the training material after they have reviewed it.

Other Helpful Features

Some other features in MobileOps that have been deemed helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic include being able to create and manage tasks such as work requests, part requests and deficiencies. Dispatchers can dispatch jobs and assign crew to those jobs through MobileOps. Scheduling Managers can schedule shifts to employees in MobileOps as well as manage time off requests. All of this can be achieved right from your device and in person contact can be avoided in order to reduce any risk of transmission.