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The Power of Form Builder

The benefits of video tutorials

MobileOps is very excited to announce the latest and greatest addition to our feature lineup: Form Builder.

Form Builder gives you and your company the power to build any form or process that your heart desires. From simple text or date inputs to vessel-pickers and document attachments—you can do it all! Even more, customers can setup rules that show or hide other fields based on certain values—or even send notifications to specific people based on field values (helping customers eliminate confusion and paperwork around multi-people processes).

We designed Form Builder with ease-of-use in mind. Form Builder has a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface that enables anyone to dive in and get going right away. Once your form is saved it will be available under our ‘Forms’ module where it is ready to be filled out by employees. All Form data can easily be exported to Excel for further analysis.

How our Current Customers are Using Form Builder

It has been exciting to watch our customers create their own forms and processes with Form Builder and start collecting new and interesting data to help them improve their operations. Many customers are ditching submittable PDF forms and other legacy formats that are difficult to update and don’t allow for easy data analysis.

The MobileOps team has been astonished at the variety of forms our customers are now utilizing in their day-to-day operations. Some example of forms range from things like custom company timesheets, comprehensive voyage plans, inspections, and much more. Form Builder has created endless opportunities for data collection all within the simple, easy to use platform that crew members already love.