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Fleet Diagrams

Fleet Diagrams

MobileOps is excited to announce the launch of a new feature that lives in our Vessels module—Fleet Diagrams. The Fleet Diagram feature was created to track fleet asset locations (on inland rivers or offshore) in a highly interactive, customizable way. Because they update in real-time, Fleet Diagrams reduce communication overhead and keep both shoreside personnel and vessel crews on the same page. That said, it can also be used to create any type of visual—such as crew boards.

Fleet Diagrams consist of drag-and-drop boxes that can be customized in regards to size, position, and color. Boxes can be linked to a vessel or kept generic with custom labels. Each diagram will also perform live updates of each movement so anyone a different computer can get a real time look at what is actually happening without having to refresh the page. When updates are made, the Fleet Diagram will show a timestamp of when it was last updated as well as provide the name of the user who updated it. On our next iteration, it’ll be possible to take snapshots of the diagram so you can look at a historical record of all movements.

The Fleet Diagrams feature also ties in with our Jobs and Dispatch module. For instance, if a Captain moves 6 barges to a certain dock, he has permission to move such barges on the appropriate fleet diagram after the work is complete. Dispatch and management can see the Captain perform those changes in real-time. Never again will dispatch personnel have to scramble to find the particular location of a barge.

If you are interested in taking a look at our Fleet Diagrams feel free to reach out for a demo. We would be happy to get some feedback as we continue iterating on it.