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Decentralizing Safety Training

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, marine companies are looking for ways to decentralize their safety and training initiatives. With centralized training, like an in-group seminar or meeting, the risk of spreading illness among separate crews is too great at this point in time. With MobileOps, companies are able to decentralize many business functions that are often centralizatized, such as safety and training.

Decentralizing Safety, Training, and Reporting

A number of our customers require that their employees undergo routine training to stay in compliance with regulatory requirements. This training can occur as often as once a week and employees normally do their training in an office setting with many other individuals. With MobileOps, training can be decentralized and course material (PDFs, slideshows, videos, etc) can be distributed and tracked on the MobileOps web application. In other words, employees can log in to MobileOps anywhere, anytime, and do their training remotely. Additionally, with MobileOps’ ability to integrate with many types of Learning Management Systems, all employee training data (across many systems) can be viewed seamlessly in MobileOps.

Shoreside management can easily track and manage how their employees are doing with training and safety. As mentioned, MobileOps has the ability to integrate with some types of LMS, so management can log in to MobileOps and see who has done training, as well as grades associated with the training. Management can also stay on top of other safety training, such as weekly drills by viewing the MobileOps Topics Report or viewing submissions like the Safety Drills.