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Customer Relationships Matter

Customer Service is a big deal

In any company where success is clientele-based the ability to create and sustain meaningful relationships with customers is essential. No service should ever be sold without first flourishing a relationship with the consumer. Building and maintaining such ties can benefit both the buyer and the seller in the long run. Our main goal at MobileOps is not to sell our software, but rather to form and build relationships with our customers. From the first point of contact with MobileOps throughout utilization our team is there every step of the way.

The start of the relationship

A large part of our dynamic at MobileOps is doing live demonstrations for potential customers. Engaging in a live demonstration is important to us because it provides an initial time to get to know one another. We always ask what someone is looking to achieve with a software like MobileOps. This gives us the ability to personalize and tailor the demo to that person or company. It is important that consumers know their needs will be met when purchasing a product; preconstructed video demos can’t always provide that insurance. Equally necessary, is the ability to ask questions when prospecting. We understand that software can be intimidating and it is in our best interest to answer any questions as soon as they come up. MobileOps wants customers to be confident not only in the product they are buying, but also with the people behind it. We feel engaging in a live demonstration can provide that.

Continuing the relationship through the onboarding process

One of the biggest concerns a lot of potential clients have when considering software is the discomfort that comes with the initial onboarding process. We get asked frequently if we will help with the onboarding process–the answer is yes, absolutely. It is no secret that the onboarding process can be deemed the most tedious and overwhelming. Additionally, implementing such changes can be a huge cultural change for a lot of companies. We are sensitive to such concerning factors. Whether it be helping with the onboarding online, over the phone, or even visiting in person we strive to make the process as painless as possible. By providing customers with the best support, we can build the fundamentals, such as trust, for a strong and sustainable relationship.

The relationship doesn’t stop there

Do you think our customers are tired of us yet? The relationship doesn’t stop after the purchase and implementation of MobileOps. As mentioned above, we will be of assistance from the first point of contact throughout the entire utilization of MobileOps. It is very imperative that we keep nurturing customer relations during utilization because in that time we get a lot of feedback and suggestions (yes, we actually listen) that can result in enhancing the MobileOps platform. A lot of our current customers have guided a lot of what MobileOps currently features. By keeping this channel of communication open and implementing changes our customers will remain happy and confident with MobileOps–more fundamentals that lead to a valuable relationship.

Why relationships are important in the long run

By sustaining relationships with customers the a great deal of benefits are achieved. For the customer, maintaining a consistent relationship will provide confidence, trust and peace of mind. For the seller, that same relationship will assist in keeping long-term customers, getting feedback and insight that leads to a more efficient software platform, and other perks such as referrals. Overall, the relationships that we sought-after at MobileOps will always remain valuable to the customer and our company.