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Change doesn't have to be uncomfortable with MobileOps

Lindsay Schwindt

MobileOps vs. Paper

The top ambition of all companies is to achieve success in the marketplace. In a world that is rapidly evolving, the ability to adapt to change is crucial in order to steer clear of failure. Change is a funny thing though—we sometimes have to endure short-term discomfort in order to gain long-term success. Change is the only way continuous success is achieved.

An example of impending change can be found in the marine tug and barge industry, which is now legally obligated to comply with Subchapter M regulations. Currently, a large amount of companies utilize inefficient, paper-based processes to manage their vessels maintenance, safety and training, and dispatching. This is where a change in process is suggested in order to keep in compliance. Innovative and efficient technological tools, like MobileOps, have become available to help companies stay on top of evolving regulations.

We at MobileOps understand that shifting the way in which a company manages vessels and safety can be an immense cultural change. Additionally, we are aware that many people are intimidated by technology and want to preserve the status-quo when it comes to running their companies. To alleviate such negative feelings, MobileOps strives to provide mobility, simplicity and value.

Mobility is what we advocate for at MobileOps. Computers are not always easy to use and they can limit accessibility. MobileOps can be implemented on computers, smartphones, and tablets—making the application available to all the crew at all times, and at their convenience. Mobility is vital because the entire crew has the ability to document important data at any time.

Simplicity is another huge focus at MobileOps. Complicated is a very common word that is heard by companies when they talk about their experience with software. The MobileOps interface was designed so this would not be an issue. The platform also has the capability to run on whatever device you are using so it is always simple to navigate.

Value is the most important consideration to any big decision. MobileOps aims to provide value by giving customers the best bang for their buck. Implementing MobileOps software is not where the value starts and stops. Building relationships with customers is our number one priority and we remain accessible at all times. We encourage customers to keep us up in the loop with any questions and suggestions they have. Our current customers have guided a lot of the feature developments in MobileOps and in return, have made the software better for all companies. When customers give value, they get it back ten-fold.

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