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MobileOps vs. Paper

MobileOps as an Accessibility Tool

MobileOps is a tool that is used to digitize and centralize company processes such as safety, maintenance, and jobs and dispatch. However, one of the biggest benefits of using software like MobileOps is the accessibility it provides. It provides access to communicating with the people in your company, access to what is going on on your assets and access to crucial data. All of which can be achieved right at your fingertips with any device that has connectivity.

Access to Communication

Being able to communicate to your team members is a very crucial part of being successful. With MobileOps you are able to use the Announcements feature to communicate important information to your company. Announcements can include things like company policy updates, Local Notice to Mariner statements, extreme weather warnings and as a means to just check in with employees. By requiring acknowledgement to announcements management can see who is up-to-date with the latest information.

The alerts and notifications MobileOps can send out in different events is another useful communication tool that the software provides. Such events could be when a personnel document is expiring, when someone is assigned to a job or shift, and when employees are assigned to resolve tasks. MobileOps will do the communicating of such events for you. No need to track employees down or pick up phones to communicate items that need attention.

Access to Asset Activity

Having the ability to know what is going on on all assets without having to call, email, text or meetup with individuals is pretty convenient. With MobileOps you can login and get an inside look to see what each asset has been up to. You can look at things like the maintenance being performed on the vessel, safety events that have taken place on the vessel, status of vessel documents and more.

You’re able to track and manage important tasks like part requests, work requests and deficiencies just by logging in. No waiting around for paperwork to be turned in and then getting in touch with multiple individuals to make sure tasks are being completed. You have complete clarity on the status of tasks, who submitted them, when they were submitted, any comments on those tasks and you can follow any changes to tasks at any time.

Access to Company Data

Having the ability to access company data with a few clicks is another perk of having a software like MobileOps. No more having to sift through paperwork and doing the data entry manually. With MobileOps you can utilize many of our built-in reports, such as our Topics Report or Mechanic Report. Reports like these allow you to get a high level overview of how your company is doing in regards to things like safety or maintenance. If you find you want to hone into resources with specific inputs you can use your Advanced Search feature to get custom reports. All data can be exported from MobileOps at any time when you need it.

MobileOps is your Tool

In regards to everyday schedules and other hindering factors that may limit accessibility to things like communication, knowing what’s going on in your company and the data your company is producing, MobileOps has you covered.