MobileOps — Operations Software Platform


Many of our customers have told us that MobileOps simplifies and shortens the average time of their surveys and audits. The primary reason is that crew members are able to use MobileOps to prove compliance with objective evidence and provide auditors with reports and data quickly and efficiently.

At MobileOps we like to make security our number one priority (along with our other number one priority — keeping the app as simple as possible).

In a world where data plays a huge role in operational efficiencies technology and software continue to expand within companies. It is not uncommon for companies to utilize a number of technology tools and software programs to aid in such efficiencies. Because companies rely on a number of tools for efficiency, system integration becomes key in achieving that efficiency.

About a year and a half ago, MobileOps announced its latest feature: Form Builder. Form Builder was designed so our customers could digitize company forms and processes, which also provides the ability to digitize data. When Form Builder was released and put into our customers hands it took off.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, marine companies are looking for ways to decentralize their safety and training initiatives. With centralized training, like an in-group seminar or meeting, the risk of spreading illness among separate crews is too great at this point in time...

Following-up with my last blog post, Software, business processes, and reflection, I thought it would be beneficial to give customer examples of efficiencies that have stemmed from using MobileOps. These examples include customers who have reflected and assessed their current processes and improved them through utilization of MobileOps...

Nearly all companies are turning to software to manage and improve their business processes. Improvement usually relates to simplifying and making processes more efficient while maintaining the desired outcome. However, in order to gain value from utilizing software...

Due to COVID-19 we have had to adjust our everyday lives and make some changes in order to stay safe and healthy. Essential maritime companies that continue to operate during these trying times have a large responsibility to also keep their employees safe and healthy as well.

Making decisions is something we face every single day of our lives. Business decisions in particular are those of which come up most often and can be the most difficult to make...